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It’s a common question we hear, should I use a free website builder for my business website? We are business owners, just like you – so we understand the temptation! However, as the saying goes – nothing in this world is free. This saying holds true when it comes to free website builders. If you’re planning to use a website builder for a personal website – we don’t see anything wrong that. When it comes to a business website, however – here are our top 5 reasons we recommend that you don’t!

You don’t own the website.
Most free website builders will not let you access the actual files behind your website. If you found yourself needing to move the website (maybe it’s running too slow or you’re having issues with the provider), you wouldn’t be able to. Leaving you to re-build the entire website, from the beginning. This is not only time consuming, but can also negatively impact your websites search engine optimization. Establishing a brand, look, and feel as a small business is important!

Search Engine Optimization.
The main purpose of a website builder is to provide ease-of-use to the consumer. Allow someone without knowledge of or experience in website development, to create a website. Most commonly, allowing you to do so with a “drag-and-drop” interface, that is easy to understand. Unfortunately, that comes at a cost – your search engine optimization. There are certain structures and techniques, within the coding of your website, that search engine optimization is based on. The “drag-and-drop” builders, don’t take that into account. When it comes to having a business website, search engine optimization is crucial!

It de-values your small business.
Website builders generally have a preset number of templates for you to choose from. Let’s say you are a baker for example. Your website builder may provide 100 templates, but 5 of them are built with a baking theme. That leaves 5 designs, that potentially thousands of other bakers are choosing. What is going to make your’s stand out from the rest? Visitors can also easily spot websites built with these builders, as they often leave a logo or text at the bottom of the website. What does that tell your vistor?

Not mobile-friendly.
As mentioned earlier – most website builders utilize a “drag-and-drop” interface. While easy to use, it creates a mess in the website’s coding. Most of the time, it also does not optimize the coding for mobile usage. Meaning visitors to your website from a mobile device, may not be able to properly view your website. This also negatively impacts the website concerning search engine optimization.

Limited support.
When it comes to support, the options are limited. Usually leaving you with an 800 number (we know how that goes) or a ticketing system to reach out for help. Accidently click something that took your entire website offline? It may be hours and even days before receiving the support you need! Unacceptable by small business standards!

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